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    Informational purposes only

    This post is not an offer to lease, and or sell a domain name, the information contained in this post is for informational purposes only and no part shall consist of, be used for, and or constitute, any form of a legally binding agreement between Lease Per Month, or any of its associates, and anyone, or any corporate entity.

    Lease Term: Per Month

    Down Payment: N/A

    Lease Payment Amount: From $99 to $1995 Per Month

    Purchase Option: Lease agreements will not be interrupted due to an acquisition.

    However, each lease agreement is month to month and no lease agreement can be extended for a period of longer than thirty one (31) days. Either party has an option to terminate an agreement at the end of a lease term, for any reason, at any time, with out any penalties.

    As a sign of common courtesy, we ask that a notice of cancellation be given within 31 days of non payment and failure to renew a lease agreement.

    In the event that an offer to acquire a currently leased domain name is considered, the Lessor (Lease Per Month), will notify the Lessee (an individual or company that is currently leasing the domain name), that an option to acquire the leased domain name is being considered.

    At this time the Lessee will be offered the opportunity to acquire the domain name at the end of their lease agreement at the negotiated price, minus the cost of the amount that has been paid in domain lease fees.

    If the Lessee is not interested in acquiring the domain name, the domain name will be sold 31 days after the current lease agreement ends. The Lessee will have an additional 31 days at no cost to transition.

    For additional questions and feedback,
    please email or call 310.930.7754

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