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Top Level Domain Name ( TLD ) is the section of a domain name after the dot. Top level domain extensions include .com, .gov, and .edu. Lease Per Month TLD domain names provide a sense of security to the end user, professional, authoritative and easy to remember.

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By the way, this is Bob. Bob has a business, but Bob does not have a domain name that is easy to remember or a professional website that he is happy to share with his clients. Don’t be a Bob.

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Domain Names give you an opportunity to communicate with consumers. Find the perfect domain name and turn your visitors into paying customers, even before they click the link and visit your website.

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Capitalize on your industry at a fraction of the cost that it would normally take to enter a given market. Choose the payment option that works best for you and lease a premium domain name today.

Premium Domains

Business – Corporate – Professional

Whether it is for your personal brand, small business or large corporation, lease options are a great alternative to purchasing an expensive domain name.

With that being said, we believe that you should have the opportunity to receive the benefits from a premium domain name without having the price being a determining factor. If you are having trouble finding the perfect domain, contact us today and one of our representatives will assist you with finding the domain name that works best for you and your business.

We are here to help, contact us today

We are here to help, contact us today

Exact Match Domains

EMD stands for exact match domain name (EMD). EMD domain names utilize a string of keywords to identify itself, as opposed to a brandable domain name or even a partial match domain name (PMD).

Lease options… putting the customer first.

PMD domain names contain one or more keywords that partially match a search term that may or may not be in a specific order, as to where an exact match domain will match the search term word for word in a specific order.

Brandable Domain Names

A brandable, or more commonly known as a brandable domain name, is a domain name that is not an exact match domain name (EMD) and does not have a specific descriptive meaning.

Brandable domain names tend to be brief, memorable, unique and easy to remember one word phrases. In most cases a brandable domain name is pronounceable but can not be found in the English dictionary.

The leading benefit of a brandable domain name is that the use of it allows an organization or business to scale and expand into multiple verticals utilizing its existing brand awareness and recognition in order to gain market share over its competitors.

Law Domain Names

A legal domain name should boost your authority, increase website traffic, retain current customers, and spark the interest of new clients.
Since legal domain names cover a large range of topics, lawyers are able to offer advice, services, recommendations and more all in one place.

Legal domain names that fight for you, while you fight for them!

Our legal domain names convenience, ease of use, profitability, and authority. Lease one or more of our legal domain names and give your law firm the chance to increase its authority and dominance over your competitors brand, company, law firm and services.

Medical Domain Names

A premium medical domain name is the right path for any clinic that is looking to gain more clients by maximizing their exposure, financial gains and online reputation. Allow your patients to find your website ease through the accessibility of premium healthcare domain names.

For example, medical websites such as WebMD,, Healthline, and Rxlist show the financial potential of a well-placed medical brand, business model and website.

Real Estate Domains

The real estate sector has established a strong foothold within the online community and continues to be one of the most frequently searched for categories on the Internet.

With mobile devices being used now more than ever, maximizing profit margins with a real estate domain name can be done using simple marketing techniques such as combining a Location + Keyword.

For example, real estate keywords such as “homes for sale’, or “Arizona real estate agents” and “Buy Arizona Homes For Sale” are recognized as high traffic keywords and can easily be redirected to an already existing website in order to drive prospective customers, as well as cross-marketing opportunities.

Travel Domain Names

Considering that many people rely on information provided by websites when they are searching for all-inclusive packages, discounts, hotels and places to eat, the perfect travel domain name will be easy to remember and allow its visitors to easily locate, follow, and share travel information.

This marketing technique opens the door for growth involving cross-marketing and backlink opportunities at a lower cost than what it would normally take to gain the same exposure.

Travelocity is a great example. Other examples of successful travel domain names include Booking, Expedia, Kayak and

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