What are nameservers?

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A domain name is an online address that will allow you to display your website. For example, LeasePerMonth.com is a domain name that we use to display digital products on our website.

In addition to your domain name, you will need hosting in order to store your files and display your website. Website hosting is not included with the lease of your domain name. The exact services that will be required in order for your website to function properly depend on the technology that will be implemented and used when developing your website. In order to determine the appropriate services and provider for your needs, we suggest that you speak with the individual or team who is responsible for developing your website.

Along with your website, any email address that is associated with your domain name (email@yourdomain.com) must be hosted. More than likely, your website hosting service provider will also provide email hosting services for domain names too.

In order to use your new domain name, you will need to tell us what your “Nameservers” are, these can be found inside your DNS record and zone file provided to you by your hosting company

Once you know which service provider you will be using for email services and website hosting, you will need to connect them to your new domain name.

You can enter these settings inside your user profile, like so:

These are technical pieces of information that are added inside your dns zone file. If you do not know what this means, we suggest that you speak with the individual or team who is responsible for developing your website and ask them for help. Setting these incorrectly will cause your domain name to not work properly.

If you are still having trouble, your hosting service provider should be able to help you locate this information

We also suggest using the same company for email services and website hosting, this will make it easier to determine your Nameservers. Otherwise you will need to specify a custom DNS, and then combine the MX records that you need for your email with the other records (usually “A” records) that you need for your website hosting.

Please note that due to the nature of domain names and their propagation time, changes to DNS records can take up to 48 hours. Also, changes to DNS records do not take effect everywhere at once. So it is possible that one person can see your new website, and another cannot during the initial 48 hour period of changing the nameservers and updating the DNS records.

What if I am not ready to use my new domain name?

If you are not ready to use your new domain name just yet, simply leave the DNS Record details inside your user profile empty, check the box provided and click Confirm DNS. When you are ready to use your new domain name, update the DNS settings inside your user profile and then notify your account representative so that they can update your domain name.

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