What are the payment options?

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There are four payment options for you to choose from when leasing your preferred domain name. You have the option to Pay in full, or you can choose a Monthly, Semi Annual or Quarterly installment plan. Once you make a decision your payment method of choice will automatically be charged on the date agreed upon during your domain checkout process.

If you wish, at any time, you may choose to cancel your installment plant or pay off the outstanding balance with no extra charge

If you would like to pay off your installment plan, please submit a support ticket and your account representative will contact you to help you finalize the payment.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We understand that payment processing may fail for many different reasons, an old address, expired credit card or lack of funds.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your email address and payment information is up to date, current and correct at all times

We will automatically notify you by email if we are unable to successfully process your payment. You will be asked to update your payment information and then we will attempt to process your payment again.

If your payment is not successfully processed within two weeks of your due date your installment plan will be cancelled and you will lose all access to the domain name.

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